Voucher for IMP³rove Assessment Report

Voucher for IMP³rove Assessment Report
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What is it? This voucher provides access to one IMP³rove Assessment Report. The... more
Product information "Voucher for IMP³rove Assessment Report"

What is it?

This voucher provides access to one IMP³rove Assessment Report. The IMP³rove Assessment Report provides an individual analysis of your clients’ innovation management capabilities based on the IMP³rove online Assessment. Our online platform will generate a structured documentation of the assessment showcasing competitive strengths and weaknesses.

The IMP³rove Assessment takes a holistic perspective of innovation management, considering five dimensions: Innovation Strategy, Innovation Organisation and Culture, Innovation Life Cycle Management, and Innovation Results. Benchmarking results build on the globally leading data base on innovation management capabilities to compare versus average companies and leading companies – the „growth champions“. Benchmarks can be selected by industry, company age, company size and country. The IMP³rove Assessment is compliant with the European standardization documents on innovation management (CEN-TS16555).

Who can use it?

Owners of small and medium-sized companies (at least 2 years in business), innovation managers of medium to large companies, consultants and intermediaries can forward a voucher to enable others to generate an IMP³rove Assessment Report after completion of the IMP³rove online questionnaire.   

How to get it?


You can purchase the vouchers here in the desired quantity. After purchase, the vouchers will be available for download. You can then present the vouchers to the person requiring the IMP³rove Assessment Report.


Purchase Voucher --> Download the voucher --> Forward voucher --> Utilize the voucher to generate report 



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