Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment

Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment

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  As we are constantly facing a decrease in our resources, sustainability is and should... more
Product information "Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment"


As we are constantly facing a decrease in our resources, sustainability is and should always be on our minds. Many companies see a dilemma between ensuring profit growth on the one hand and sustainability on the other, which does not always have to be the case at all. Research shows that sustainability is a mother lode of organisational and technological innovations that yield both bottom-line and top-line returns. So, what can we do to ensure economic, ecologic and social sustainability for the long run?

In this training course you will be introduced to the key factors of sustainability and also to our Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment, which allows for a comprehensive analysis on how well sustainability-driven innovation management is positioned in your own company. This tool looks in detail at how well you are currently leveraging economic, ecologic and social sustainability as drivers for innovation, growth and competitiveness. 


What will the programme look like?

This 1-day training course provides you with an overview on effective approaches to create competitive advantages by using sustainability as a driver for innovation management. This highly interactive training course combines theory and practical application and covers the following content: 

o Identifying areas for innovation that lead to enhanced social, ecological and economic sustainability

o Analysing companies’ strengths and weaknesses in Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management (SDIM) 

o Generating additional impact based on the IMP³rove Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment 

o Case-based individual and group work break-out sessions and discussions: Working on concrete cases to leverage the IMP³rove SDIM assessment for strategic development of an organisation


After successfully participating in this training course, participants may consider further steps for a potential certification as “IMP³rove Expert”. For more information, please click here. IMP³rove Experts can be listed accordingly on the IMP³rove online platform that enables interaction with clients globally.


Who can take part in this course? 

The training course “Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management” is suitable for any participant seeking to develop or enhance skills in the analysis of sustainability as a driver of a company’s innovation management. So far, we have welcomed (innovation) managers, consultants, intermediaries who support companies in developing their innovation management capabilities, as well as policy makers and academia. 


How to get it?

The training course “Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management” is offered internationally. 

If you are interested to organize a training at your own location, please contact us directly.

Please take note of our cancellation policies as detailed in our terms and conditions. 

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