Innovation Life Cycle Management Process

Innovation Life Cycle Management Process

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What is it? This 2-day training provides you with an overview on innovation life cycle... more
Product information "Innovation Life Cycle Management Process"

What is it?

This 2-day training provides you with an overview on innovation life cycle management and on key tools to make it more effective and more efficient. 

The training contents include (please note that the agenda may be subject to changes):

5 steps to excel with innovation life cycle processes 

  • Step 1: Mapping the innovation life cycle (“what happens in which stage”)

  • Discussion: Success factors of innovation life cycle management

  • Step 2: Developing strategic focus for process activities (“what areas are in focus”)

  • Breakout session and discussion: The process strategy chessboard

  • Step 3: Fostering idea creation and selection (“how are ideas created”)

  • Breakout session: Idea management techniques

  • Step 4: Fostering the development and phasing out process (“how to turn ideas into new/better offerings; when to phase out offerings”)

  • Breakout session and discussion: Optimizing development processes

  • Step 5: Developing enabling factors (“how to measure and enhance the process”)

    Breakout session and discussion: Software tools to support the process

The training is highly interactive and includes case-based group work to gain practical experience.  


For whom is it designed?

This training course is suitable for any professional seeking to develop or enhance innovation life cycle processes. We recommend the basic training course “Introduction to Innovation Management” which provides an overview on the key dimensions of innovation management before participating in this training course that puts particular emphasis on innovation life cycle management. 

After successfully participating in this training course, participants may consider further steps for a potential certificate as “IMP³rove Expert”. For more information, please click here. IMP³rove Experts can be listed accordingly on the IMP³rove online platform that enables interaction with clients globally.

How to get it?

The training course “Innovation Life Cycle Management Process” is offered internationally.

If you are interested to organize a training at your own location, please contact us directly.

Please take note of our cancellation policies as detailed in our terms and conditions

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