For Students

IMP³rove for Students

The special course IMP³rove for Students combines practical experience with the IMP³rove Assessment and academic education in innovation management.

With this special course, students gain experience in attracting companies to perform the IMP³rove Assessment on innovation management. They learn to interpret the information they receive from the companies during the workshops with management as well as from the detailed IMP³rove Benchmarking report. When developing the recommendations for the company and discussing them in class the students also develop experience in anticipating the constraints of companies.

IMP³rove for Students creates a triple win situation: The students gain practical experience and access to companies. The companies get support in assessing and further developing their innovation management capabilities, and the university differentiates its academic education with action learning.

IMP³rove for Students delivers high value and a triple win situation to all involved parties

Gain insights in strengths and weaknesses of the Innovation Management capabilities
Define measures for improvement with high value creation potential
Exchange of creative ideas with potential employees

Learn how to enhance Innovation Management in the own organisation

For Companies
Gain insights in the business challenges of the company and the competitive pressure
Experience defining improvement measures and their impact on the business performance
Gain insights in the organisation of potential employers

Learn how to assess Innovation Management and how to further develop it

For Students

Increasing the employability of the graduates

Intensifying the network of local enterprises

Creating basis for further research

High practical experience within the education program

For Universities

Case Example

In 2013, RWTH Aachen, Germany (technical university) incorporated IMP³rove for Students in their master program on innovation management. In the combination of direct interaction with small and medium sized enterprises and practical experience in innovation management the students increase their employability.

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“IMP³rove for Students has been successfully established at the TIM-Group – RWTH Aachen University, Germany and we will continue to offer this course as we are convinced of its benefits for students and due to its excellent scores in students’ evaluation.”

Dr. Robin Kleer

Assistant Professor at RWTH Technology and Innovation Management Group

Presentation on IMP³rove for Students

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