Scalability by Innovation

Accelerating firm growth

Our ever more digitized and globalized world offers plenty of opportunities to accelerate firm growth. The term platform is ubiquitous and can be applied to very different things, such as product development, websites, organizations etc. In any case, the idea is to “scale” faster, e.g. in terms of offering more products in a greater variety, addressing more customers via the same channel, connecting more people with common interests.

In this course you will learn about a number of successful levers to scale quickly and how to appropriately make use of them for your company. We will discuss case studies and best practices to learn from. We will present frameworks and concepts to grasp the full potential of each of the introduced levers for scaling successfully in national and international, in existing and in new markets. Finally, we will also present templates and tools for you to effectively support companies in scaling their businesses.

What will the programme look like?

This training course encompasses a mix of content presentations, discussions and very interactive break-out sessions, in which participants will apply the contents to specific cases.

In particular, this highly interactive training course covers (selected key questions):

  • Understanding the potential of scalability models – What does scalability mean? What are its opportunities and potential pitfalls? What are suitable scalability approaches for which type of innovation?
  • Preparing for a scalability project– Where to start to scale a business?
  • Identifying scalability levers for a company – How to identify specific opportunities to scale fast?
  • Implementing scalability measures– How to derive recommendations for implementing scalability measures in line with the company’s strategy?
  • Monitoring progress and impact of the scalability approaches– How to monitor the business impact?

Who can take part in this course?

“Scalability by Innovation” is suitable for everyone who wants learn how to support their clients in scaling up their businesses. So far, we welcomed (innovation and business development) managers, consultants, intermediaries who support companies in developing their digital business model capabilities, as well as policy makers and academia. The training course does not have pre-requisites.



The course is a relevant module for a potential certification to IMP³rove Senior Expert. For details, please consider the detailed information on certification here.

Duration and Fees for the Course:
• 2 days
• Fee for the course: € 1,800.00 per person (price is plus VAT and valid until further notice)
• Fee for the certificate “IMP³rove Guide”: € 100.00 per person (price is plus VAT and valid until further notice).

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