Introduction to Root Cause Analysis

Work on the root causes of innovation management performance

Successfully identifying one’s own strengths and weaknesses in their innovation management performance is a crucial step in the right direction. Companies that have done so, ask themselves: What now? There is a significant difference between what could be better and why and how something could be better. In this training course we will take a deep dive into our advanced tool, the Root Cause Analysis and its complementary benefits to enhance innovation management support. You will learn how to best leverage the Root Cause Analysis to develop a business strategy or an innovation strategy.

The goal is to help you gain confidence in answering the above mentioned questions. You will be the one to look at the deeper rooted issues of a company’s weaknesses, develop solutions, provide more detailed insights and guide them to a more successful innovation management performance for the long run.

What will the programme look like?

In this 1-day training course you will learn to identify the root causes of a company’s strengths and weaknesses in innovation management and gain practical experience in leveraging the IMP³rove Root Cause Analysis to drive e.g. the development of a business strategy or an innovation strategy. This highly interactive training course combines theory and practical application and covers the following content:


  • Identifying the root causes of a company’s strengths and weaknesses in innovation management
  • Defining key insights from the Root Cause Analysis relevant for strategic direction-setting along the five dimensions of innovation management
  • Leveraging these insights for strategic development of the organisation
  • Breakout session and discussion: Working on concrete cases to leveraging the root cause analysis for the organisation’s innovation management development and strategic direction-setting

Who can take part in this course?

The training course “Introduction to Root Cause Analysis” is suitable for any participant seeking to develop or enhance skills in the analysis of root causes of a company’s strengths and weaknesses in innovation management. Ideally, participants have already conducted the IMP³rove Root Cause Analysis Assessment. So far, we have welcomed (innovation) managers, consultants, intermediaries who support companies in developing their innovation management capabilities, as well as policy makers and academia.


The course is a relevant module for a potential certification to IMP³rove Senior Expert. For details, please consider the detailed information on certification here.

Duration and Fees for the Course:
• 1 day
• Fee for the course: € 950.00 per person (price is plus VAT and valid until further notice)

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