Removing Cultural Barriers to Innovation

Identify cultural barriers to innovation and learn to develop countermeasures.

Who can take part in this course?

Target groups 

  • Innovation Management consultants
  • Cluster managers
  • Intermediaries supporting SMEs in developing their innovation management capabilities
  • Innovation Managers


  • This training course is suitable for any participant seeking to develop the innovation culture in an organisation.
  • We recommend the basic training course “Introduction to Innovation Management Tools” which provides an overview on the key dimensions of innovation management before participating in this training course that puts
    particular emphasis on innovation culture and cultural barriers.

What are the objectives of the course?


  • Gaining transparency on the cultural barriers to innovation
  • Developing effective recommendations and actions to remove cultural barriers
  • Defining the business impact of the actions


  • The course is a relevant module for a potential certification to IMP³rove Senior Expert. For details, please consider the detailed information on certification here

How will the programme look like?

Content of the course

  • The challenge to change organisational behaviour
  • Overview on the key dimensions of an innovation culture
  • How to recognise your client’s cultural barriers to innovation
  • Developing recommendations to remove cultural barriers
  • Defining appropriate recommendations for your client to improve their resources for an innovation culture
  • Defining the business impact of the recommendations for removing cultural barriers

Type of the course

  • Highly interactive
  • Combining theory and practical application
Duration and Fees for the Course:
• 2 days
• Fee for the course: € 1,800.00 per person (price is plus VAT and valid until further notice)

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