Virtual IMP³rove Academy Training

Introduction to the Digital Innovation Quotient

A unique chance to get trained by experienced IMP3rove Academy staff live online

Who can take part in this course?

This training course is suitable for any professional seeking to enhance transparency of a firm’s digital innovation capabilities and performances, such as managers or consultants supporting companies in digitisation, digital innovation management and digital transformation respectively.

What are the objectives of the course?

  • Measure and benchmark digital innovation performance with the Digital Innovation Quotient (DIQ)
  • Explore digital innovation potentials
  • Foster digital innovation with effective practices to create immediate impact

What will the programme look like?

This compact yet comprehensive 4-hour online session provides you with the essential skills to leverage the online Digital Innovation Quotient to assess, benchmark and enhance digital innovation capabilities. Within the 4-hour online web session, an experienced IMP³rove Academy trainer will walk you through the most important concepts and applications of the IMP³rove Digital Innovation Quotient.

The training contents include:

  • Learn about the holistic approach to digital innovation
  • Gain the latest insights on trends and most important tools in digital innovation
  • Utilise the Digital Innovation Quotient to measure and compare digital innovation capabilities with peer companies
  • Analyse the Digital Innovation Quotient benchmarking report and derive recommendations
  • Foster digital innovation capabilities, utilising the digital use case library
  • Apply the process for lean digital innovation

Become an IMP³rove Guide

Upon completion of the online web session, the participant is invited to take a simple test incl. a case analysis to assess the learning results. Successfully passing the test will qualify the participant to become an IMP³rove Guide, and to a special IMP³rove license incl. 3 voucher codes for 3 IMP³rove benchmarking reports for €300.00 plus VAT.

Seats are limited. Now grab this chance to take part in the IMP³rove online Digital Innovation Quotient training and become an IMP³rove licensee having access to the online IMP³rove Assessments and further services. Contact us for further details.

Important note

Participants will be kindly asked to sign and to submit to IMP³rove Academy a confidentiality agreement to, in which you will confirm not to disclose confidential information when utilising IMP³rove services. This confidentiality agreement is a prerequisite to the training since data protection is essential when working with qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators.

For members of the Enterprise Europe Network: Please note that this course is not covered by the European Commission’s “Enhancing Innovation Management Capacities” programme.

Duration and Fees for the Course:
• 4 hours
• Fee for the course: € 650.00 per person (price is plus VAT and is valid until further notice)
• Fee for the mini IMP³rove License: € 300.00 per person (price is plus VAT and valid until further notice) incl. 3 voucher codes for 3 benchmarking reports

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