Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy offers technical assistance to public institutions and associations. This covers the full range from design and evaluation of effective innovation polices to developing and launching innovation awards and establishing innovation eco-systems.

Services offered by IMP³rove Academy in collaboration with its network partners include:

Development of innovation heat maps

Baselining of firm´s innovation management performances
on a regional or country level

Innovation management research on demand
Assessment of innovation management capabilities, performances and external factors
Concept development for measuring impact of RDI policies
Development of innovation management training schemes
Conceptualisation of large-scale transformational projects to foster innovation eco-systems
Analysis of performance drivers, identification of levers, and development of action plans

Implementation of large-scale innovation management awards

Monitoring of innovation management performance measures

Development of innovation eco-systems

Assistance to clients on implementing the action plans defined

Blueprint for IMP³rove Technical Assistance

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Case example

A national development agency intended to launch an innovation program to stimulate innovation projects within small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). With the IMP³rove Technical Assistance selection criteria were defined and implemented that motivated the SMEs to involve an external expert to assess their innovation management capabilities.
Thus the success rate of the innovation projects increased.

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