Coaching in innovation management

IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy is coaching innovation management support providers, CXOs and managers in developing innovation management capabilities and implementing an effective innovation management system.

Our coaching sessions are complementary to our other consulting offers as they provide face-to-face, web- or telephone-based support for a limited time frame. In these coaching sessions IMP³rove Coaches support enterprises and business advisers off-site on their issues related to innovation management. Typically, the starting point for a company is a base lining of the organisation’s innovation management performance based on the IMP³rove Report. During the sessions, IMP³rove Coaches reflect on the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, provide feedback to specific questions, and discuss first ideas for improvement. Companies can also use the coaching sessions to receive guidance already during the IMP³rove Assessment as well as during the implementation of the improvement measures and the transformation of the organisation.

For consultants and business advisors, the coaching cover the entire IMP³rove process from benchmarking to action plan development, to setting up feedback workshops and designing and implementing consulting projects.

In order to schedule a coaching session, please contact us here:


Case example

A member of the Enterprise Europe Network that chose the IMP³rove Approach for enhancing innovation management capabilities of SMEs, receives individual and group coaching to support the SMEs as much as possible in developing their innovation management performance. The topics of the coaching include general innovation management issues, how to create value for the SMEs with the IMP³rove Assessment and the feedback workshop, and how to secure high impact from the implementation of the action plan.

Benchmarking Report Coaching Session

This 1-hour online coaching session is based on an in-depth analysis of your IMP³rove Benchmarking Report carried out by an IMP³rove Expert from our global network. After having gone through the IMP³rove assessment, you have the chance to further reflect and interpret your firms innovation management strengths and weaknesses together with an IMP³rove Expert. Besides receiving an external and condensed view on your innovation management capabilities and results, you will receive pragmatic and actionable guidance on how to further enhance your firm´s innovation management performance after your IMP³rove Assessment.

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