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Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment

The Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment offers an aggregated picture on enterprises’ current sustainability-driven innovation management performance, in comparison with the Sustainability Champions and the average.

Sustainability is a driver of innovation, at the same time innovation management needs to be sustainable. The degree to which companies leverage sustainability in these two dimensions is presented in the IMP³rove Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment. It requires the completion of the IMP³rove Assessment and follows the same benchmarking principles along the 5 key innovation management dimensions.

The IMP³rove Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment at a glance:

  • Comprehensive analysis how well the Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management is positioned in the firm
  • Detailed comparison with the Sustainability Champions and average in the selected sample
  • Customization of the benchmarking sample based on company size, age class, geographic footprint, and NACE industry classification (click here to receive a list of NACE codes)
  • Benchmarking to what degree economic as well as ecologic and social sustainability is leveraged as driver for innovation, growth and competitiveness
  • Availability of the questionnaire and report in 10 languages (English I Spanish I French I German I Italian I Polish I Hungarian I Czech I Turkish I Arabic)
  • Objective evaluation of a company´s competitive innovation management positioning based on an international standard compliant approach (CEN/TS 16555)
  • Optional coaching and consulting support prior to, during and, after the assessment

Sample Evaluation Report of an Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment

Experienced and trained consultants within our network provide assistance in conducting the

Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment

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