Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

With the IMP³rove Root Cause Analysis, enterprises will detect hidden barriers and by eliminating them, are able to achieve excellence in innovation management and ultimately increase their profitable growth.

The IMP³rove Root Cause Analysis requires the completion of the IMP³rove Assessment. It follows the same benchmarking principles. Consequently, the questions in this online assessment also address the companies´ innovation strategy, innovation organisation and culture, innovation life-cycle management, innovation enabling factors and innovation results. Yet, the questions in the IMP³rove Root Cause Analysis go deeper into the drivers and hurdles of a company´s innovation management capabilities and performance. A look into the competitors’ details of innovation management will help one to learn from leading practices and to take effective measures to increase innovation management performance and maintain continuous growth.

The IMP³rove Root Cause Analysis at a glance:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the drivers and hurdles behind a company´s innovation management capabilities and performances
  • Detailed comparison of underlying processes and structures with average and the Growth Champions (10% fastest growing companies in sample) as a basis for development of measures for improvements
  • Customization of the benchmarking sample based on company size, age class, geographic footprint, and NACE industry classification (click here to receive a list of NACE codes)
  • Availability of the questionnaire and report in 10 languages  (English I Spanish I French I German I Italian I Polish I Hungarian I Czech I Turkish I Arabic)
  • Objective evaluation of a company´s competitive innovation management positioning based on an international standard compliant approach (CEN/TS 16555)
  • Optional coaching and consulting support prior to, during, and after the assessment

Sample Evaluation Report of an IMP³rove Root Cause Analysis

Experienced and trained consultants within our network provide assistance in conducting the Root Cause Analysis

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