Digital Innovation Quotient

Measure and compare your Digital Innovation Quotient

To what degree does digital innovation contribute to your firm’s overall business performance?

The IMP³rove Digital Innovation Quotient (DIQ) is a structured assessment of your firm’s current performance in digital innovation compared to benchmarks provided by firms across the world.

The IMP³rove Digital Innovation Quotient provides you with an overview of your firm’s digital innovation performance across the following five dimensions: digital innovation strategy, digital business model, digital processes, digital ecosystem and culture and enablers for digital innovation. The figure below summarizes the assessment scope.

IMP³rove Digital Innovation Quotient

For whom is the IMP³rove Digital Innovation Quotient designed?

  • Companies of all sizes, ages, and industries, seeking to assess, benchmark and develop their digital innovation capabilities
  • Consultants and intermediaries searching to provide meaningful and substantial support in digital innovation

When will the IMP³rove Digital Innovation Quotient be available?

The Digital Innovation Quotient will be available soon – please register below to receive a notification about the launch.

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