Innovation Management Assessments

IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy takes a holistic approach to the assessment of innovation management capabilities and performances as key drivers for competitiveness. Based on international standard compliant assessment tools and the world´s largest benchmarking database on innovation management, companies can compare their innovation management capabilities and performances against the average scores of thousands of direct or indirect competitors.

Step 1: Conduct an assessment online


Our assessments are structured according to our leitmotif. Thus, the questions in each assessment address all levels of an effective innovation management system:

  • Innovation strategy
  • Innovation organisation and culture
  • Innovation life cycle management
  • Innovation enabling factors
  • Innovation results


Currently, we offer four online assessments. The IMP³rove Assessment is the basic assessment in order to identify the strength and weaknesses of a company´s innovation management. The IMP³rove Root Cause Analysis uncovers the drivers and hurdles behind companies´ innovation management capabilities and performances.  The IMP³rove Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management Assessment (SDIM) demonstrates the degree to which a company manages innovation in a sustainable manner and driven by sustainability. The IMP³rove Digital Innovation Quotient (DIQ) is a structured assessment of companies’ current performance in digital innovation along with the five dimensions: digital innovation strategy, digital business model, digital processes, digital ecosystem & culture and enablers for digital innovation.

Step 2: Download a customised, automatically-generated IMP³rove Benchmarking Report

Having completed an IMP³rove Assessment, companies can generate and download a customised, automatically-generated benchmarking report that compares their own innovation management capabilities and performance against the average results of a self-selected set of direct or indirect competitors. The IMP³rove Database encompasses more than 5000 datasets and is unparalleled in covering industries, size classes, and geographies. The selection criteria are:

  • Industry sectors
  • Countries
  • Size and age of the companies to compare with

The detailed IMP³rove Benchmarking Reports create a baseline for the company’s competitiveness. Building on these benchmarks, IMP³rove Academy and its network of certified IMP³rove Consultants and business advisors offer feedback and as required, consulting support to the company.

With our assessments, competitive analysis of innovation management capabilities and performances has never been so easy:

Root Cause

The IMP³rove Assessment is the starting point to benchmark the innovation management performance
The IMP³rove Root/Cause Analysis is a detailed analysis of underlying processes and structures to detect and eliminate hidden barriers

Focusing on economic, ecological and social sustainability as drivers for profitable growth through innovative solutions and approaches

The DIQ assesses to what degree digital innovation contributes to companies’ overall business performance


Digital Innovation Quotient


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Experienced and trained consultants within our network provide assistance in conducting all innovation management assessments

Data protection applies for all innovation management assessments

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