IMP³rove License

IMP³rove License

The IMP³rove License provides consultants, business advisors and innovation professionals assisting companies in the IMP³rove Assessment with access to the IMP³rove Network as well as to the respective online benchmarking services.

The IMP³rove License is valid for 12 months and includes 10 vouchers for 10 IMP³rove Benchmarking Reports. It can be acquired after the participation in the training course “Introduction to the IMP³rove Approach” and the confirmation of the license agreement. Thus IMP³rove licensees can offer their innovation management support services by building on the IMP³rove Assessment as solid baseline, and offer their clients the voucher for the IMP³rove Benchmarking Reports.

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Sample Non-exclusive IMP³rove License Agreement

IMP³rove License
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