Energy companies expect a significant increase in turnover from digitization


The digitalization barometer developed by BDEW, A.T. Kearney and IMP³rove Academy exhibits great potential for turnover and cost reduction. The German energy industry sees great potential in further digitalization, yet is not exploiting its potentials to the fullest. These are the findings of the third “digital check” by BDEW, A.T. Kearney and IMP³rove Academy, which 80 German utilities companies participated in. In this study the participating companies were asked to indicate their expected added turnover and potentials for cost reductions driven by digital offerings and technologies.

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How effective are public innovation support programmes?


How can the effectiveness of innovation policies be increased? Eva Diedrichs, Managing Director of IMP³rove Academy, discusses this question in an article for the blog of the International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (INSME).

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Innovationsfähigkeit: Deutschland holt auf (Innovative capacity: Germany is catching up)

Deutsche Welle (DW)

Germany enters the Top 10 of the Global Innovation Index – find out more in our interview on Deutsche Welle (in German).

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Multi-tasking – The challenge of intermediaries in SME support for innovation


In view of creating more competitive regions and industry sectors, innovation capabilities of SMEs play a central role.
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International IMP³rove Award 2015


To mark the occasion of the contest opening for the International IMP³rove Award 2015 – the global championship in innovation management – IMP³rove Academy has interviewed Levent Alatli, General Manager of Koza Yönetim, the award winner of 2014.

IMP³rove Award  2014
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Der Star ist das Netzwerk (The star is the network)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

This article highlights the benefits of collaborating with innovative partners.

Der Star ist das Netzwerk
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Approaches to innovation-driven entrepreneurship

FAZ Jahrbuch “Innovation” 2014

This article illustrates various approaches to innovation-driven entrepreneurship.

Abstract network technology Background
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Developing a strong eco-system which drives innovation


Innovation policy is about the challenge of contributing to the wide objectives such as employment, sustainability and economic growth. How to approach such a task? The answer is simple but the effort complex: Aim for a strong innovation eco-system. Referring to the case of the IMP³rove Euromed Project the article suggests four systematic steps on how to establish an effective, innovation inducing eco-system.

Group of Business people in Office Building
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Five ways Europe can foster entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurs establish companies and create jobs. They also translate identified problems and needs – often based on technical solutions – into high-value products and services. With global demographic changes, economic crises and high youth unemployment, the call for policies that foster entrepreneurship is growing louder. But how can we do this in a sustainable way? Here are five suggestions:

Photography of hand holding gearwheels, Close Up
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A paradigm shift for SMEs: Leveraging sustainability as a driver for innovation


SMEs have sustainability on their radar. Their main goal is economic sustainability. To achieve this goal, they can take ecological and social sustainability as an opportunity for innovation instead of just considering it as a mere cost driver. Thus innovation and sustainability become the two sides of the coin called profitable growth.

Roman coin
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Innovation For International Markets – How Export Oriented Are Innovation Oriented SMEs In Europe?


The recent economic crisis has confronted companies across Europe with major challenges. Small and medium sized companies in particular seemed to have a customer base too reduced to maintain their business. In such a situation there are two options: invest in developing new customers or invest in developing new, more attractive, offerings.

earth globe in his hands
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Do SMEs lose their appetite for innovation during the economic crisis?


Innovation is always a result of taking risk and mastering these risks successfully. However, in the past few years the risks resulting from the overall economic situation seems to have increased for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). As they cannot control these external risks many of them seem to stay away from too risky innovation projects. This has implications for the SMEs and for those who provide innovation support for SMEs?

speed motion on night road
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What SMEs can Expect from Value-Creating Innovation Management Consulting


Owners and managers of small and medium sized companies (SMEs) are reluctant to hire consultants and even more so when it comes to innovation management consulting. And they often have good reasons to do so. They don’t see an appropriate value for the money and time they invest on innovation management consulting – especially since the quality and range of such services varies dramatically.

Business analysis
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How to Emerge from Crisis by Knowing your Innovation Growth Opportunities & Competitors’ Strengths


Companies sometimes behave like the ostrich with their head in the ground while others emerge from the crisis like a phoenix. Not knowing with which new products or services your company really earns money is a bit like the ostrich.

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Convincing SMEs that Innovation Management Matters


SMEs are perceived as the back-bone of most economies in Europe. Therefore, a lot of programs have been launched to support their growth. Over the past years, offering innovation support has become popular, complementing the well-known start-up financing and technology transfer programs. Despite the above, there is a level of dissatisfaction regarding the impact of these services.

Two businessmen looking at report and having a discussion
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How to Develop your Innovation Management Consulting Business in Tough Times


Companies become increasingly restrictive in their consulting spending, especially during times of economic crisis, where the return on the investments on consulting services is questioned and carefully considered. Consulting in the area of innovation management is even more under pressure as it is usually much lower on the CEOs’ agenda than e.g. restructuring or general cost-cutting.

financial symbols coming from hand
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Why Bother about Innovation Strategy as SMEs?


There is discussion about how much effort should be put into developing an innovation strategy especially by small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). Aren’t many successful innovative offerings just a result of trial, error and finally good luck? Insights in more than 1,500 SMEs from the IMP³rove database demonstrate that strategic focus helps secure profitable growth by innovation.

Businessman holding paper with printed question mark
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How to Deal with Innovation Management When You Are Small?


Innovation is frequently marketed as driver of growth and prerequisite for remaining competitive. However, the process is often risky, especially for small or medium sized enterprises in search of ways to successfully manage their new products, services or businesses in a systemic and stable manner. Luckily, tools such as the “A.T. Kearney House of Innovation” are available to lend an essential helping hand.

How to deal with innovation management
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Highly Innovative Low-Tech Companies?


When you think about low-tech industries, you will probably think about many aspects, except for innovation. Innovation is mostly associated with innovative products and technology, but hardly ever with anything beyond R&D activities. This “myth” can now be refuted through the results of a currently published study “Gaining Competitiveness with Innovations beyond Technology and Products: Insights from IMP3rove.”

Multi-ethnic business team discussing a new strategy
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