The IMP³rove Consultant Network encompasses more than 1900 specialised consultants and 700 trained IMP³rove Guides and IMP³rove Experts – Certified Consultants. The certified consultants offer IMP³rove specific services, such as assistance in completing the IMP³rove Assessments or coaching and consulting in innovation management. With a strong representation in Europe and growing representation around the globe, this network is continuously expanding.

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Case studies from IMP³rove Consultants

A thriving e-learning provider, operating internationally for the energy industry, wished to review its innovation strategy and innovation management in order to:

  • introduce a comprehensive innovation approach

  • prepare for the next steps of annual turnover growth by £2m annually

  • plan for the upcoming due diligence work that is necessary for potential changes in the shareholder structures
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Katja Brittain
United Kingdom
The company in this case study mass produces components for power windows, valve controls, power steering, electric parking brakes, seat adjustment, steering wheel adjustment and much more

In 2011, the company’s head of development decided to perform an assisted IMP³rove Assessment. The analysis of the key strategic aspects to promote innovation produced the following picture:

  • In terms of manufacturing processes, business units that are essentially independent were created in 2005 as the result of a revolutionary organisation innovation.

  • Customer requests are fulfilled in the central development department with evolutionary product innovations.

  • The business units are responsible for ensuring that the company remains economically competitive over the course of the product’s lifespan by consistently advancing process innovations.
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Dr. Frank Erbacher et al. Germany

This case study describes the concept of measuring innovation management performance and identifying its strengths and weaknesses for improving business performance using the IMP³rove Approach and how it changed the mindset of a software house.

Namely, the approach helped the company to start thinking of how their daily activities translate into innovation management activities.

This has been achieved by assessing their innovation management capabilities with a main focus on identifying their opportunities and levers for increasing the company’s profitability.

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Ahmed Gamaleldin
An Information and Communication Technology Company on its way to scaling up a radical innovation:

  • implement an action plan that guides the process of scaling up

  • boost the idea management

  • succeed in launching a new product
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Raluca Cibu-Buzac
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