Action Manufacturing Hamilton

William Nicholson I Industrial Designer

“For the team here at Action Manufacturing the IMP³rove innovation assessment has been a gateway for our participation in the 2015 international awards and resulting placement in the top 5 – small to medium sized business category. As a global benchmarking tool it has been an insightful assessment and aided in a richer understanding of our own organically formed innovation process. The assessment has helped identify aspects within our innovation management which we can improve upon. We are proud to be constantly challenging both our design process and our design-led culture and the IMP³rove program has given us another tool to continue to be leaders within our industry.”


Cosberg Innovaction

Michele Viscardi I Business Development Director

“The IMP³rove Assessment Report has certainly been a chance to obtain an international relevant award. Not only. It also allowed us to obtain concrete benefits within our organisation, besides the Award.

First of all, the need for carrying out a serious self-analysis forced us to measure our degree of innovation by observing it from different points of view, partly not considered yet, and not on purely technical aspects – for which it would have been easier – but in terms of process and innovation management.

Then, as a logic consequence of the previous point, we trained ourselves to collect objective evaluations, by measuring the identified parameters, by gathering data regarding tangible results and return on investment. This allowed us to identify the strong points that we can count on and those weaknesses that we have to work on.

Finally, for the very nature of the competition, we received an impartial feedback on how we are positioned, in terms of innovation, with respect to other entities. Thanks to this global benchmarking action, indeed we had the opportunity to compare ourselves with other small and medium enterprises coming from all over the world, thus discovering that we are a model «of inspiration for other companies, for the distinctive character and for the performances we obtained through practices of innovation management» as Eva Diedrichs, director of IMP³rove, declared.

Therefore, to Cosberg IMP³rove represents at the same time a point of arrival and a new starting point. On one side, the achieved reward strengthens the spirit of innovation that makes us stand out; on the other side, the enthusiasm for the result we reached is a further incentive to feed the virtuous circle of Innovation.”


Labris Networks

Seçkin Gürler I CEO Labris Networks

“Innovation is the driving force behind healthy growth and competitive advantage. In the cybersecurity business, it is the unique superiority required in the battlefield of intelligent minds. The IMP³rove Assessment should be experienced by every player competing globally and act as an objective innovation measurement framework.”



Horatiu Moldovan I President LASTING, Romania

“The IMP³rove assessment, led by Raluca Cibu, IMP³rove Expert, Tehimpuls, was a smooth, well managed, pragmatic and effective process focused on company’s needs and development on a sustainable way. It was an extensive journey throughout a wide range of ‘ingredients’ that make up a sound innovation management within our group of companies. The exercise made us understand about the crucial aspects that we need to consider in order to generate more profit from our innovation activities, and, at the same time, which are our vulnerabilities on short and medium term. For us, the IMP³rove process led to a significant business impact, mostly by more systematically structuring our innovation processes, sharpening our strategic focus, embedding innovation in our culture, but also by boosting our new products. I recommend the IMP³rove approach to all those eager to move innovation to the next level.”


The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry

André Fenech I Head of Policy Development

“I will promote this course with business people as it shows the interlinkages between the innovation strategy and the business strategy”

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