IMP³rove –Sustainability-Driven Innovation Assessment: now available in your own language

Innovation Management leads companies to successful growth; there is no doubt about it. Nowadays, sustainability is an important topic on the agenda of leading innovators; especially larger ones. They embed sustainability in all key dimensions of Innovation Management in an economic, social, and environmental sense. As highlighted in our last blog, such a holistic understanding of sustainability also matters to Innovation Management of SMEs.

As a pioneer in the introduction of its holistic approach to benchmarking Innovation Management for SMEs, IMP³rove wants to ensure SME managers can achieve a higher Sustainable Innovation Management performance and also to continuously facilitate the use of the IMP³rove platform services. Therefore, it released its new online assessment features such as the Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management benchmarking in 8 different languages.

Innovation Management practitioners have access to our recently released Sustainability Assessment, in their own language. Its goal is to help companies to acquire insights in new opportunities for a sustainable success.

All IMP³rove online assessments and IMP³rove Benchmarking Reports are now available in Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Spanish. Thus SMEs are able to choose the language they desire to work with and download the IMP³rove Benchmarking Reports in their preferred language. For their international investors they might download the IMP³rove Report in English.

Want to explore the new features of IMP³rove and experience its benefits in a more familiar way? Log in to the IMP³rove platform and share it within your network of SMEs, intermediaries, policy makers, financial actors or academia.

Because IMP³rove service offerings are continuously improving, we would like to know more about your interaction with the new features:

  • How do you experience the new features?
  • What are your recommendations for “newcomers” in the IMP³rove network?
  • Would you like to share your success stories and “eye openers” with other Innovation Management professionals?

We are looking forward to your comments, ideas and contributions!

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