Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management – Invitation to gain unique insights for action

Sustainability is a value driver. There is sufficient proof of many companies from all industry sectors. With the Assessment on Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management companies from all industry sectors will learn about the success factors and what impact Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management has on their own business performance and growth. These insights trigger action to strengthen the company’s competitiveness – on a sustainable basis.

IMP³rove was a pioneer when it introduced its holistic approach to benchmarking Innovation Management at SMEs in 2006. Today, IMP³rove takes up the challenge to benchmark Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management. We are convinced that both will help enterprises to gain insights in their opportunities for better business performance and competitiveness. The new assessment module will also contribute to higher proficiency in Innovation Management support services.

If you are looking for sustainable growth of your company check your Innovation Management and to what degree it is geared to – economic, ecologic and social – sustainability. Fill in the IMP³rove questionnaire on Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management for your own company or support your clients as an IMP³rove Consultant. The IMP³rove Benchmarking report will give you effective directions where to improve.

Share your experience and ideas with us!

Eva Diedrichs, IMP³rove Global Coordination Team

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Theodor Malcotsis


IMP³rove in the news of the innovation platform of 3M
As competitiveness today is determined by innovation and sustainability, the demand for new, sustainable products, services, processes or business models increases. Companies are requested to enhance their innovation AND sustainability capacity. However, how does an innovation management of a well-stocked innovation pipeline and sustainability looks like? And where does the own company stand in comparison to the competitors?
Under the following link you will find a German article around this topic written by the IMP³rove core team members, Eva Diedrichs and Kai Engel, published in the online platform for innovation culture “die-erfinder”(the inventors). Please take the opportunity to comment the article here at our IMP³rove Blog or at the online platform :

Looking forward to your contributions.

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