Empowering regions: Embedding Innovation Management capabilities in the DNA of regional networks

Medical Valley, Bio Valley, Consulting Hill…these are all buzz names for regional agglomerations of firms and industries driving regional and national competitiveness. Prominent examples of highly competitive regions such as Silicon Valley highlight that the regional innovation infrastructure plays a significant role for innovation and competitiveness of individual firms. We have learned that the regional infrastructure is also a key driver of a firm’s managerial capabilities in innovation, especially in smaller firms. However, embedding Innovation Management in the DNA of a regional network is challenging.

Innovation Management professionals regularly raise questions such as:

  • How can we increase the awareness towards Innovation Management in a regional network?
  • How can we educate firms in Innovation Management and at the same time consider the fact that they have limited resources to invest in their organizational development?
  • How can we ensure that all actors in a regional network take actions to improve their Innovation Management performance with sustainable impact?
  • How can we support firms to successfully build bridges with other stakeholders in order to propel their innovation performance?

Indeed, regional actors can take over the driving force to find answers and solutions to these questions raised above. If intermediaries such as trade associations or cluster organisations take an active role in the IMP³rove network and become an IMP³rove partner, there are various opportunities to foster Innovation Management at a regional level. Just to give a few examples:

  • Intermediaries can leverage IMP³rove to increase the awareness towards Innovation Management e.g. via regular innovation “breakfast” sessions or networking meetings
  • Intermediaries have the opportunity to set-up a regional IMP³rove award to educate SMEs in Innovation Management
  • Intermediaries may adopt the training program of the IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy
  • They may establish themselves as a “matchmaker” between different types of stakeholders

We are convinced that Innovation Management professionals and IMP³rove partners who are already active at a regional level, may have further ideas and suggestions on how IMP³rove should support the development of a “regional” infrastructure. Thus, we invite you to discuss ideas to implement Innovation Management in the “DNA” of regions.

Intermediaries who have not yet registered as IMP³rove partner can join the IMP³rove network and register here:


We are looking forward to your contributions!

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